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"Being in the dental field for over 60 years I am very cautious about the dentist I choose. Dr. Rosemary made a crown for me that was perfect. I even looked at the X-ray taken before it was cemented and I could see how well it fit. The contacts were also perfect since no food gets caught in between. The staff was wonderful and very professional and caring. I would strongly recommend HAB Dental to my family and friends with confidence."

-Ruth G

"Everyone from the front desk to every person working in the back feels like family and always treat their patients as if they are a part of their personal family. I would definitely recommend HAB Dental to anyone and they do try their best to work out a plan that you can afford. You will not be disappointed."

-Lee L

"This office deserves 10 stars! They have an amazing team. I called them with a dental emergency. I was in excruciating pain. They saw me the same day that I called. They were so gentle & kind! I would absolutely recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you, Dr. Rosemary. I’m pain-free!"

-Donna Z

"I have been to both HAB locations and offices are clean and modern. The staff is friendly, quick, and courteous. Would recommend definitely the service was amazing!"


"I've been searching for a good dentist for 8 years. I meet one of Dr. Rosemary's staff in Target and she recommended HAB Dental. I am so happy! My teeth are a mess but it's getting taken care of a section at a time. I already had the top right side of my mouth repaired and I am elated! Getting another section done next week. Dr. Rosemary and her staff are very accommodating, understanding, professional, and patient. I've had many bad experiences in the past but feel secure and comfortable at HAB. Thank you so much, Dr. Rosemary!"

-Penny D

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